Hurricane damage claims attorneys Florida

As we approach the third hurricane of the season, Hurricane Irma — and recover from Hurricane Harvey, insurance claims attorneys in Florida are bracing for a surge of damages caused by these powerful storms.

Hurricane damage lawyers Florida: Know your rights and responsibilities

While most people would never dream of ignoring weather forecasts about dangerous storms, many miss out on key insurance information. For example, did you know that if your storm-related damage isn't significant enough to file an insurance claim, you don't have to report it?


In cases of hurricane damage or weather-related claims, the most common mistake is failing to report a loss in a timely manner. All too often policyholders wait for a certain period like 30 days before contacting their insurer. But the right time to call your insurance agent is as soon as possible after the damage occurs.

Miami hurricanes lawyers help you recover from hurricane-related property damage, personal injury, and business interruption costs. To find out more about what Florida law requires you to do or not do in dealing with your insurer, read below.

Florida law and hurricane insurance claims


As a state, Florida is no stranger to powerful hurricanes, and its citizens know just how much damage these storms can cause. Understanding your rights and responsibilities as an insurer or insured in the wake of violent weather is vital to ensuring that you're justly compensated for the losses you must endure. As such, Florida laws provide key protections for those who file insurance claims after experiencing hurricane damage. Among these provisions: If you can't determine the extent of damage caused by a hurricane, your insurer owes you an "open perils" policy that covers any and all loss or damage resulting from the storm and its commotion.

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