Same-sex Prenuptial Agreement Attorney Near Los Angeles

What makes a same-sex prenuptial agreement different than a regular prenuptial agreement?


A same-sex prenuptial agreement is a legal document that can be used to protect both parties in a same-sex relationship or marriage. This type of agreement is different than regular prenuptial agreements because it allows couples to address matters related to their unique circumstances and needs. These may include issues such as: division of property, financial responsibility for any debt acquired during the relationship, guardianship of children from a prior marriage or relationship, and arrangements regarding spousal support. A Los Angeles same-sex prenuptial agreement lawyer can help you draft an agreement that is tailored to your specific needs and will ensure that both parties’ rights are protected.


It is so important to speak to a same-sex prenuptial agreement lawyer in Los Angeles at least a few months before your wedding. You want to be sure that you have enough time to ensure everything you want is being put in it, as well as understanding that the attorney needs time to draft the agreement. You can count on Harris Family Law Group a family law firm in Los Angeles, to draft up an agreement that really suits the both of your needs. Their team of experienced attorneys has been helping same-sex couples with their prenuptial agreement needs for many years, and they can help you too. Contact them today to schedule a consultation. They look forward to hearing from you!

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