Domestic Violence Lawyer in Vista

If you or someone you love is accused of domestic violence, it is vital to contact an experienced domestic violence lawyer as soon as possible. A Vista domestic violence attorney knows what kinds of charges are considered domestic violence charges and can help defend their client in any domestic violence case. Griffin Law Office, APC is a criminal law firm in Vista that can help in a domestic violence case.


For example, domestic violence charges may be brought against someone who strikes or physically harms someone who is known to them, their spouse or their domestic partner. There are also domestic violence charges that can be brought against someone due to verbal threats of harm against another person.


If you have an existing domestic violence conviction, it will carry more weight than other factors when determining the penalties you could face if convicted again. If you are facing domestic battery charges, you have the right to fight back. An experienced domestic violence lawyer in Vista will know the domestic violence laws that are in place and can help build a strong defense strategy while protecting their clients' rights. Hiring the Vista criminal law firm, Griffin Law Office, APC can help you greatly.


Here are some of the domestic violence crimes that someone may face:


– domestic battery (hitting someone)


– child abuse (abuse or neglect of a child)


– felony domestic battery (battery against certain domestic partners such as spouses, former spouses and those with whom the defendant has had a child or is having or has had a dating relationship)


– domestic violence restraining order violations (violating the terms of a domestic violence restraining order)


Any combination of these charges can lead to imprisonment depending on the circumstances.


If you are facing domestic violence charges, it is in your best interests to contact an experienced domestic lawyer in Vista as soon as possible. They can help minimize any negative outcomes you might face if convicted of domestic violence charges by having the necessary domestic violence defense strategies prepared for trial.


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