Denver’s top Premises Liability Attorneys

While a slip and fall accident is a premises liability, that is not the only accident that can qualify as a premises liability. A premises liability is if you were injured or harmed while you were on the property or premises of someone else. Slip and fall is the most well-known premises liability, and that is why when you go into most Denver restaurants or businesses you will see “caution” signs or “wet floor” signs to warn their customers of any potential dangers. While yes, it is nice to warn customers of something that could harm you, those are in place to relieve them from any liability if someone gets injured on their premises. Most warning signs you see at places are either because they were once sued for that instance, such as a drink being too hot, or because they have heard of someone else being sued for it and it is there to prevent any liability.


Now it is known that the most common premises liabilities are slip and falls, but there are others that are covered as well. A Denver premises liability attorney can assist you if you were injured in a slip and fall, swimming pool accident, negligent building maintained, negligent security, or  even at someone’s house for them not removing snow or ice. This is most common for delivery service people, who deliver to people’s doors in the winter, if they do not have a path shoveled for them and they slip and fall, it is the property owner’s responsibility. If you were injured call Donaldson Law, LLC a personal injury law firm in Denver. Allow them to assist you in your premises liability case. They will be the best resource you can find.

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