Child Custody Attorney from Los Angeles

Many people have this misconception that the mother of the child is always going to get full or majority custody of the child. This is not true in Los Angeles. In California the most granted custody is 50/50. In order to get full custody to the other parent either needs to give up their parental rights, or agree to full custody. Or the parent seeking full custody needs to prove that the other parent is completely inadequate to care for the child. But even still full custody is barely granted, there is almost always some sort of joint custody agreement. You will want to contact a Los Angeles child custody attorney to make sure that you are being properly represented if you want the most amount of custody possible.


When you are going for a child custody case, it is not just about visitation. Visitation is a huge part of child custody but it is more than that. It is also the ability and the right to make religious, educational, and medical decisions for your child. If you want a say in your child’s life, then you will want to be fighting for child custody. Also as a parent having the best chances of seeing your child is also something you should be after as well. Land Legal Group, APC are a Los Angeles family law firm, who will explain each and every option to you. They will help you get both the decision making ability and the visitation rights. Now even with the decision making ability, it is rarely given to one sole parent so some agreements may to be made.

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