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Business Litigation Lawyers Orlando

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Business law is the most complex area of law in existence because companies are not people, they are entities. While one might try to summarize business litigation into a few words; it is quite impossible.

Orlando Business litigation lawyers handle cases that involve business disputes and cases involving commercial transactions or business contracts. Business litigation attorneys make the bulk of their income by representing clients against other business entities. Orlando Business litigation attorneys take clients who are corporations, partnerships, LLCs, etc.

Business litigation cases can involve contract disputes or breach of contract claims, business torts (i.e., defamation or trademark infringement), copyright infringement disputes, patents, and intellectual property rights infringement claims, unfair business practices claims under state statutes, RICO claims, securities claims, and a host of other business disputes.

The most common type of business torts is a contract claim or a breach-of-contract claim. There are obvious reasons why businesses choose to sue for a breach of contract as opposed to filing suit for any other reason. When the defendant has breached the contract by either failing to perform or underperforming, the plaintiff's business is generally left with no other choice but to file suit for remedies that are available to it.


Business torts are claims that one business brings against another for engaging in unlawful conduct towards the first business. Business torts are often part of a larger case involving breaches of contract, infringements of intellectual property rights, or unfair competition. Contact our experienced Florida business tort attorneys at the MLG Business Litigation Group today.