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Condominium Claims Lawyers Panama City – The Morgan Law Group

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In the state of Florida, condos are a popular form of housing for many people. Between 44 percent and 51 percent of all residences in Florida are condominiums. If you own a condominium in Panama City Beach, Pensacola, Jacksonville, or any other part of the state, it’s important to know that your insurance policy limits don’t only cover your condo. They also cover the condominium association’s insurance. That means, if there is an incident in which your condominium has sustained damage or you have suffered losses due to a disaster, you’ll need to file a claim with both the insurance company for your unit and for the association policy.

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Owner-occupied condos are usually covered by the association’s master policy. That means it’s important to know exactly what your association insurance policy covers because that will determine whether you have full coverage or your unit is subject to any deductibles. If there is a lot of damage at your condo complex, you’ll need to work with an experienced claims attorney, such as those at The Morgan Law Group, to ensure that you get the compensation and repairs your condo needs.

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If there is any damage to your property, it’s important for you to call our insurance claims lawyers in Panama City today so we can work on getting this resolved in a timely manner. Our skilled attorneys have the knowledge and experience to handle all types of condo insurance claims, including those involving defective construction or design defects. If you need help filing a claim on your condo policy in Panama City Beach, our experienced lawyers are standing by to take your call.


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Source: Here’s Why You Need To File A Condominium Insurance Claim in Florida – Condo Claims Lawyers Panama City | The Morgan Law Group